Small Business

Utah city names 1st Hispanic Pioneer Day parade marshals

Jul 24, 2017

The owners of a northern Utah restaurant chain say they've honored to be the first Hispanic grand marshals of the Ogden Pioneer Days Grand Parade

Get Started: Demand for small businesses remains strong

Jul 24, 2017

Demand for small businesses remains strong, with a record number sold during the second quarter

Some urge sprinkler mandates across US after Honolulu fire

Jul 23, 2017

The U.S. has a mixed bag of laws on whether older high-rise apartment buildings must install fire sprinklers that weren't required when the towers were first built

Trump cutting hundreds of planned regulations

Jul 20, 2017

Trump is culling hundreds of proposed regulations, a move meant to boost economic growth

California lawmakers extend landmark climate change law

Jul 18, 2017

California lawmakers have voted to extend the state's landmark law to combat climate change after hours of fraught debate and days of direct appeals from Gov. Jerry Brown

Nevada adopts emergency rules to combat pot bottleneck

Jul 14, 2017

Responding to overwhelming demand at Nevada's new recreational marijuana stores, state regulators approved Nevada's first two pot distribution licenses and adopted emergency regulations Thursday intended to expedite the licensing of more.

Man charged with killing wife in Uber car pleads not guilty

Jul 13, 2017

A man accused of drunkenly shooting his wife to death during an Uber ride in Seattle pleaded not guilty Thursday to second-degree murder

No monkeying around: Court weighs if animal owns its selfies

Jul 12, 2017

Should a monkey with a knack for pressing a camera button hold the copyright to selfies taken in an Indonesian wildlife reserve? Attorneys argue for, against

Visa looking to help small businesses go cashless

Jul 12, 2017

Visa is looking to help small businesses go cashless

Abort! Airliner nearly lands on other San Francisco planes

Jul 12, 2017

Federal safety officials are investigating why a jet carrying 140 people nearly landed on a San Francisco airport taxiway where four planes were waiting to take off