Financial Planning

Gun stocks rise anew, and more people own them than know it

Oct 3, 2017

Gun stocks rose again after another mass shooting, and many more investors are likely affected by it than realize it

Ask Brianna: Should we talk finances before we fall in love?

Oct 3, 2017

Talking about finances early in a relationship is smart, but timing the conversation is hard - here's how

'Rock bottom': Weiner gets 21 months in prison for sexting

Sep 25, 2017

Anthony Weiner's sexting compulsion cost him political career and his marriage and may have even denied Hillary Clinton the presidency. Now it has cost him his freedom.

Police: Wedding DJ admits stealing newlyweds' gifted money

Sep 21, 2017

A wedding DJ must stand trial or work out a plea deal on charges he stole at least $600 from cards given as gifts at a Pennsylvania wedding he worked

Ask Brianna: How can I budget when my rent is so high?

Sep 19, 2017

If rising rents are squeezing you dry, try these budgeting tips to make room for savings and chip away at debt

Police: Wedding DJ made off with $600 from couple's card box

Aug 16, 2017

A newly-minted bride had her wedding celebration soured after she learned her wedding DJ made off with over $600 dollars in gifted money

More Syrian child brides in Jordan amid poverty, uncertainty

Aug 8, 2017

Jordanian government study shows early marriage, child brides on the rise among Syrian refugees in Jordan

Liz Weston: Make your teen a millionaire this summer

Jul 31, 2017

A few bucks tucked away now make a huge difference with 50 years to grow

Get Started: Agencies start process to rescind water rule

Jul 31, 2017

The Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers have started a process aimed at rescinding a federal regulation that sought to expand government jurisdiction over bodies of water, including some on private lands

Obama-era retirement savings program for workers gets the ax

Jul 28, 2017

The Treasury Department says it is ending a program created by President Barack Obama to get more people to save for their retirement

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